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*Extra Inning Walk-Off*


   Brett Cecil (2-1) vs. Joba Chamberlain (4-2)

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 5

   *I don’t want us to lose, but I think the Jays will take us tomarrow.


   Sorry Roy… today just wasn’t your day.

   In an epic outing, the Yankees defeated the Blue Jays 6-5 for the second straight game. After 12 long innings, it was yet another walk-off to put us one game behind first. In what should of been a pitcher’s duel, Roy Halladay  – (arguably the best pitcher in the majors right now,) – allowed 5 earned runs in 7 innings… His worst games of the year.

   As for Wang… what can I say? He allowed 4 earned runs in 5.1 innings, and left the game with a ‘shoulder strain.’ I’m not sure if this is a time to mourn, or a time to celebrate. I’ve been shaking my head in disgust every time Girardi’s given him another opportunity this year, (after the first 4 losses atleast,) – and now – he has no choice but to come up with another solution. I can promise you, even Ian Kennedy would be a better solution right now. The 4 runs Wang allowed could of easily been his 7th loss in 8 decisions. Horrible.

   So what led to the win? If you watched the game, it was honestly pretty action packed as far as hits go. Runs were scored for both sides in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th inning. Toronto led 5-3 heading into the 7th, when Damon smacked a 2 run shot keeping hope alive. Things were stagnant for a while, and before you knew it – we were heading in to the bottom of the 12th. Jorge stepped to the plate – drove a ball in to center – allowing A-Rod to round thrid, and ultimately slide home. Another giant Yankee walk-off on a Roy Halladay night. I couldn’t ask for more…

   Here’s a look at who shined this time around:

DAMON: 1 for 4, 2 runs, 2 RBI’s

3 for 6

RODRIGUEZ: 2 for 3, 1 run, 1 RBI

POSADA: 2 for 6, 1 run, 2 RBI’s



   Wang (0-6) vs. Livan Hernandez (5-2)… and I’m done whining about the “Wang trama.” Look at the two records these pitchers have, and you’ll be scratctching your head like me. We just won two consecutive games – great games… and we’re taking this gamble again?? Where does Girardi draw the line? I rarely argue his decision making, but kicking off the season 0-6 would have ANY pitcher riding the bench… That’s a no-brainer.

MY PREDICTION: (2:43am EST) Yankees 4, Mets 7
PREDICTION RECORD: 6-2 (No prediction on Sat.)


   My internet’s been on the fritz lately, so I wasn’t able to write about Friday’s win in game 1 of this subway series. The most significant thing to note, had to be Gardner’s 5 for 6 day at the plate: a career high. I believe he was a double away from the cycle, and that’s not bad considering the man recently collided with a wall! I’ll except Friday as a glimpse of what Gardner can potentially do…

   *Now on to yesterday’s game, (Saturday.) Another win – and a HUGE day for A.J. Burnett on the mound. Burnett went 7 innings, allowing only ONE hit… and no runs. (He also notched 10 more K’s into his stats.) This is beyond a “quality start,” (I hate that term lol,) – and it’s what the fans have been craving to see. Who can argue with Cashman’s decision to sign Burnett/Sabathia at this point? The New York media devours any athlete that has a weak game, but I think it’s fair to say that people “jumped the gun” on our new additions this season. Teixeira lived up to his name, and it seems as though our free-agent grabs were right on the money. You can count on Sabathia and Burnett every game… and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


   *Aside from allowing only Cora on base… our lineup had its fair share of individual hits. It wasn’t a big day for our bats, but the fact that 7 different players had an “H” says a lot. Take a look at what I liked:

SWISHER: 1 for 3, 1 homerun

TEIXEIRA: 1 for 3, 2 walks

RODRIGUEZ: 1 for 4, 1 RBI

CANO: 1 for 4

POSADA: 1 for 4, 3 RBI’s (homerun)

CABRERA: 2 for 4 (.500 day)

PENA: 1 for 4

   *Nearly everybody got a bat on the ball today, and that’s the way it’s done...

*WANG… 0-6*


   Joba Chamberlain (3-2) vs. Kenshin Kawakami (4-6)

MY PREDICTION: (5:57am EST) Yankees 7, Braves 3


   The Yanks had off on Monday, so I decided to skip a blog and wait
for the Atlanta matchup last night. (Take a look at my previous post
before you continue reading…) Another projected Wang loss… and
another correct prediction. (I guess I can thank him for that
lol,) because I’m batting .1000 when I assume that the Wang starts are
disasters. (Ok – so “disaster” is a little unfair considering 3 runs
isn’t god-awful.) However, an 0-6 season with an 11.20 ERA is.

   The runs-scored were excellent on behalf of the Braves, because they
stemmed from hits that were impossible to work with. The gaps, the
holes… they were hits that ANY fielder has nightmares about. *But I’m tired of hearing Girardi butter things up for Wang. This is like seeing a batter hit .050 – and allowing him to stay in the clean-up spot for the remainder of the season.
I wish Brian Cashman would backhand Girardi across the face, dump a cup
of water over his head, and scream “wake up” in his ear! (In any order
he chooses…)

   This is getting disgusting. NOBODY’S forgetting what Wang’s
accomplished in the past, but if he needs a season off… than he needs
a season off. We can’t keep pretending he’ll just wake up one morning
and be on fire again. What makes things even worse, is that the Yankees
have a solution! Phil Hughes is proving time and time again that he can
handle the starting job, (or atleast keep his ERA below 12.00…) – so
what’s even left to ponder at this point? Send Wang to the pen, and
pencil Hughes into the starting rotation. Enough said.



   *Things just keep getting better and better for the Yankees…

   Two losses to the Nationals, two losses to the Marlins – and just like that, we’re four games behind first. It’s funny what a couple weeks can change, right? Shaving-cream pies to the face… walk-off wins in the 9th… clutch hitting…

   And now it’s back to playing catch-up. It’s discouraging – and things aren’t looking any brighter with Wang miraculously starting again tomarrow. What the heck is Girardi thinking? How many times do we have to see Wang lose before we decide to leave him in the pen for good this season? He’s now 0-5 with a 12.30 ERA – going head to head with a team that just added Nate McLouth to their recipe. This is insane lol.
   CC left yesterdays game with ‘stiffness in his arm.’ Fantastic. The Red Sex won yesterday. Fantastic. The Blue Jays are 1 game behind us for second. Fantastic. It’s time to start winning in clusters again fellas, because things aren’t getting any easier this week.


MY PREDICTION: (7:05am EST) Yankees 3, Braves 5



   *First, let me start by saying that I’m now 2 for 2 with my predictions. (Take a look at my last two Yankee posts…) – My scores weren’t 100% accurate, but my win/loss guesses were golden. I had a funny feeling that Wang would screw things up as usual, and that’s exactly what we saw. Why should I butter things up for him? Should I pat him on the shoulders for finally making it into the 5th? (Which is expected, and still an awful game…) Should we pat him on the back for lowering his ERA to 12.65? (Also pathetic.)

   – Brain Cashman FINALLY acknowledged recently, that ‘the team can’t keep putting up with his bad starts.’ Thanks Cash! If you pulled the brakes a little sooner, we wouldn’t of just lost an embarrassing game to the worst team in the league! This Washington series was the perfect opportunity to climb back toward first… and thanks to the ‘Wang experiment,’ – we’ve wasted another day.

   – Hughes came in and pitched a solid two innings, allowing one single hit. Don’t be surprised if he’s etched into the starting rotation now… NOT for a month, but for the remainder of the season. I’m calling it – I think the organization’s seen enough. I KNOW the fans have seen enough…

   – The bats weren’t cracking tonight either. Despite Wang’s slip-up, losses are never a one-man occurance. Damon and Cano put up the only runs, and we finished this matchup with a mere 4 hits. Does anyone else find it a little creepy that EVERY game comes down to Alex Rodriguez?


   *I’m trying to go 3 for 3 here. (Since I first started predicting outcomes on my blog… I’ll have to start putting the time so that people don’t think I’m just editing my entries.) Joba’s on the mound, and it’s a must-win considering last night came down to the 9th. (*AND* because the Red Sox keep winning…) With that said, here goes nothing:

MY PREDICTION: (4:09 EST) Yankees 6, Nationals 3



*Take a look at my entry from yesterday… (“CC vs. The Nats”) I took an ‘educated guess’ that the Yankees would defeat the Nationals 5-1 – and I almost nailed it. The final score ended up being 5-3, and I’ll give credit where credit’s due. Anderson Hernandez went 2 for 3 with a run scored… and the Nationals actually took the lead back in the 5th. It wasn’t enough to extinguish the Yanks however, and we managed to put up 3 more runs in the 7th and 8th. You know the drill from here: bring in ‘Mo in the top of the 9th, and it’s a wrap. Here’s how our numbers looked when it was all said and done:

CANO: 4 for 4, 2 RBI’s
DAMON: 1 for 5, 2 runs scored
POSADA: 1 for 3

*Our bats weren’t on fire tonight, but the “W” is all that matters. (With the exception of Cano who litterally “batted a thousand.”)

7.2 IP, 3 ER, 1 SO

*Not the best night for CC either, but I reiterate: the “W” is all that matters.


*Tomarrow, unfortunantly – Wang is back. To be honest with you guys, I’m tired of complaining about how much we need to quit ‘experimenting’ with this guy. Every chance he gets to redeem himself is a disaster… He’s 0-4 with a 14.34 ERA at this point. Hughes has proven to be the better man in the starting rotation this year, so throw Wang in the bullpen – and let him recover an inning or two at a time.

Yankees 4, Nationals 6 (Blame Wang.)



   *At this point, most Yankee fans can agree that CC Sabathia was worth the bread. Although his win-lose ratio is nearly even, (5-4) – he’s been the “gem” of a struggling rotation all season for New York. It’s not like our pitchers have been ‘god-awful,’ – but let’s be honest… What was predicted to be the best pitching staff in the league – quickly became the prime negative example of ‘trying to buy talent.

   Luckily for us, some of the positive predictions were true. Most baseball analysts suggested that Mark Teixeira slumps in April – and that prediction was 100% correct. The analysts also predicted that Sabathia slumps in April – and this was also correct, (with the exception of a few lost starts.) As for Burnett… well – his last outing against the Mets was perfect, but we all know that he’s not playing to the best of his abilities day-in and day-out.

    However, A.J’s the least of the Yankees worries at this point. He’ll get it together, as will Joba, as will Pettitte… (We’ve yet to see any of these guys sabotage a game…)  – which can’t be said for Wang. The Hughes/Wang starter swap is getting frusterating, and it’s a situation that Girardi needs to figure out. We’re 2 games behind Boston, and eventhough there’s plenty of season left to play – the AL East pattern is all too familiar. The Yankees are in first, the Red Sox are in first. We know all too well that it’ll be a ‘fight to the finish’ from here on out – so we honestly don’t have the time to experiment. Hughes has proven that he can handle more than Wang this year – so eventhough the Yankees organization wants to BELIEVE that Wang ‘ll get it together… they need to believe what they see. After numerous starts, the guy hasn’t been able to handle pitching more than an inning or two this year – so that’s enough. Draw the line before he blows another game, and draw the line before he blows our playoff chances… 

   Back to CC. Todays game against the Nationals should be cut and dry: we out-pitch Washington, and we out-score Washington. No excuses today boys… Baseball’s always been an unpredictable sport, but how do you explain a pitcher being 10-1? (Halladay.) How do you explain a hitter batting .364? (David Wright.) The answer is simple: talent is talent. WE’RE A TALENTED TEAM, and when we face a team that’s in dead last – there’s no reason not to get the sweep. There’s no reason not to creep back into first while Boston handles the Phillies… (or better yet, while the Phillies handle Boston!) The time is now.

MY PREDICTION: Yankees 5, Washington 1



   *Wow. As a Yankee fan, I honestly can’t excuse the losses we’re taking from the Sox this year. (What’s there to excuse? We’ve lost every time!) What the heck is wrong with us!? We’re a first place team coming into Boston… and we leave Fenway with our tails between our legs! I can’t even believe what I witnessed – and it’s no laughing matter. Each one of these sweeps is a giant step backwards…

   Things aren’t getting any easier as the week progresses. The Mets are up next, and eventhough they haven’t been playing their best ball this season… Johan pitches Sunday – and every little loss we encounter is huge. (I’m not saying the Johan win is garenteed,) but after seeing the Boston fiasco – I don’t know what to expect. Every one of our aces folded… Burnett, Wang, (which was half expected lol,) – than CC, who was a hair away from pulling off the win last night.  I don’t even want to think about it… but for the sake of my blog, I’m keeping it real:

RED SOX FANS – enjoy it while you can. I have a funny hunch that eventhough you’ve embarassed us this season – it’ll come back to haunt you. The wins will pick back up tomarrow – we’ll climb back into first… and when we meet again – toward the end of the season especially – you’ll lose when you need it the most. The losses that determine first and second in the AL, (like the series this week…) only 1000x more meaningful.

I hate Boston. I hate Kevin Youkilis’ beard, I hate Duston Pedroia’s beard… and I hate the Red Sox. I hate “Big Papi” magically hitting homeruns again, I hate Lowell’s gray hair… I even hate J.D. Drew’s initial’s being “J.D.” I hate Fenway Park – I hate the monster… and you get my point.

*You’ll go down at some point. Enjoy these early wins while you can.



*As I stated in my entry below – I firmly believe Girardi and the Yankees organization are making a logical decision in bringing Wang back to the rotation today. It was bound to happen –

  – Wang is an ace. An ace doesn’t ‘die’ – or ‘bum out’ because of a couple lousy starts. Am I garenteeing an exellent outing? Of coarse not – but we can all agree on this: Today is ‘make or break’ for our boy Chin.

     A. We’re coming off of a loss.
     B. (The obvious.) If Wang can’t make it out of the 1st, we can’t deal with another ‘experimental start’ 5 games from now…

*Our division depends on it. Our division is tight, and you know as well as I do that’ll it STAY TIGHT for the remainder of the season. There IS NO LEE-WAY in the American League East. The Red Sox are making it happen, the Rays are making it happen – and out of the blue – the Blue Jays are making it happen this year. We’re currently in first place… but I can assure you that every single loss is crucial to how the rest of this season will pan out. The Dodgers can lose a few and breathe easy… In our division – this ‘ll never be the case.

And this is why Wang has a lot on his shoulders today. In one breathe, we can say that Phil Hughes is inconstant – but in the same breathe, we have to admit that even Hughes hasn’t shown us a catastrophe this year like Wang’s first couple starts.

We need the win. We need to hang on to first… and we need Wang to go big. WANG NEEDS WANG TO GO BIG… for the sake of his career.