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  As we all know, Manny Ramirez returned from his 50 game suspension tonight against the Padres. The Dodgers won the game 6-3, and Manny went 0-3 with a walk. Most fans aren’t concerned with a hitless day, (considering he’s been out for a while,) and only played a few minor league games with the Isotopes.

  But I want to talk about the press conference. The ‘interview’ before the game where Manny answered – and dodged – numerous questions.

   It’s obvious, (if you saw the press conference,) – that Manny isn’t sorry that he used performance enhancing drugs. He said it himself, by not referencing steroids what-so-ever. He appologized for ‘missing so much time,’ – he appologized ‘to the fans for not being out there,’ – but NOT ONCE did Manny Ramirez acknowledge the drug test that he failed, and WHY he failed it.

   We left off, (before the suspension,) with Manny claiming that his positive drug test was the result of a medication he used for a “personal health issue.” Does he seriously think the world bought that statement? He must – because he was answering questions as if the reporters were convinced. He was ‘sorry’ that he was suspended, but not the least bit sorry about WHY he was suspended… I can’t stand people who ‘play dumb’ when they’re caught in the act. Beyond making Manny sound stupid, it’s the equivalent of spitting in the worlds face. He was caught red-handed, and doesn’t care what YOU know – or think – about the situation at hand.

   Did you catch the Palmero interview? I’m shaking my head in disgust lol, because he’s yet another moron who thinks we believe what he tells us! This man lied in court, and on TV today… he says that “he didn’t know what he was taking.”

   These are grown mensounding like kindergarteners – upon getting caught. (A-Rod’s no better,) for those who think I’m being biased here. He’s yet another hero that lied from the jump… and indicated that he wouldn’t of said anything – if the failed results weren’t made public. Do we believe that A-Rod “only used steroids with Texas” ?? I like to think so as a Yanks fan, but it’s wishful thinking at this point. You know why? Because we’re not fools lol, and A-Rod is probably making the same mistake he made the first time around, right before our eyes. The failed test fell into the year he played for Texas… and since it’s the ONLY PROOF the world has that he used PED’s – he can claim that the drugs were only used at that period in time. It’s perfect… it makes his use seem minor, short-termed, etc… but it’s also a recipe for disaster. If any kind of proof surfaces, indicating the he used PED’s in Seattle, New York – at any other time… he’s toast. It proves that once again, he lied to downplay the length of his use – and the impact it could have on even more of his stats.

   The only credit I give A-Rod is coming ‘clean’ in his return this season… (The press conference before he came back from hip surgery.) NOT because I completely believe what he said… but because he treated us like we’re intelligent. He didn’t pull a Sammy Sosa, (“I don’t speak good english,”) – he didn’t pull a McGuire, (“I’m not here to talk about the past,) – he didn’t pull a Manny, (“I’m sorry… I’m sorry to the fans… for missing so much time.”) – He took questions, and acknowledged what he did. He used steroids. Manny used steroids. Sosa used steroids. Clemens used steroids. Palmero lol, used steroids…

   Where does it end? Who’s next to take the HGH plunge – and even more importantly, what scenario/excuse do we hear next? It’s half pathetic, half hilarious when you consider the things we’ve heard. It seems like every story you could muster up to cover your butt has been used at this point, right? I won’t doubt for a second that we’ll be fed even more in the future…