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   *Wow. As a Yankee fan, I honestly can’t excuse the losses we’re taking from the Sox this year. (What’s there to excuse? We’ve lost every time!) What the heck is wrong with us!? We’re a first place team coming into Boston… and we leave Fenway with our tails between our legs! I can’t even believe what I witnessed – and it’s no laughing matter. Each one of these sweeps is a giant step backwards…

   Things aren’t getting any easier as the week progresses. The Mets are up next, and eventhough they haven’t been playing their best ball this season… Johan pitches Sunday – and every little loss we encounter is huge. (I’m not saying the Johan win is garenteed,) but after seeing the Boston fiasco – I don’t know what to expect. Every one of our aces folded… Burnett, Wang, (which was half expected lol,) – than CC, who was a hair away from pulling off the win last night.  I don’t even want to think about it… but for the sake of my blog, I’m keeping it real:

RED SOX FANS – enjoy it while you can. I have a funny hunch that eventhough you’ve embarassed us this season – it’ll come back to haunt you. The wins will pick back up tomarrow – we’ll climb back into first… and when we meet again – toward the end of the season especially – you’ll lose when you need it the most. The losses that determine first and second in the AL, (like the series this week…) only 1000x more meaningful.

I hate Boston. I hate Kevin Youkilis’ beard, I hate Duston Pedroia’s beard… and I hate the Red Sox. I hate “Big Papi” magically hitting homeruns again, I hate Lowell’s gray hair… I even hate J.D. Drew’s initial’s being “J.D.” I hate Fenway Park – I hate the monster… and you get my point.

*You’ll go down at some point. Enjoy these early wins while you can.