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  I was watching an episode of “Forbes Sports Money” last night, and they brought up some excellent points about the Pirates organization that I’d love to help surface…

   1. PNC PARK – The beautfiul stadium the Pirates call home… What good is having a beautiful ballpark if you never invest in a contending team?

   2. WHERE’S THE MONEY GOING? Forbes pointed out that the Pirates rake in about $16,000,000 in profit every season – and still refuse to acknowledge where it’s going. I found this tidbit of information extremely interesting, because I constantly hear Pittsburgh fans approving and disapproving the transactions that are made. It almost makes me feel sorry for us, because here we are making sense of their moves – when in reality, the owners “behind closed doors” are  up to no good. *NOTE: This isn’t an opinion I’m feeding you here, this is what Forbes investigated and discovered. The numbers aren’t adding up – and they even went as far as suggesting that Bud Selig step in and put his foot down.

   3. WHEN WILL IT END? Forbes pointed out that as an organization owner, you’re actually obligated to use a specific percentage of your profit for nothing outside of your organization. This is why they were so intent on promoting new management, and labeling the current ownership a “sham.” They litterally proved that the Pirates aren’t meeting this obligation…

   *When you take these facts into consideration, it really makes the recent trades seem that much more rediculous. A lot of fans were upset about the transactions because they didn’t agree with the equality of the trades… Unfortunantly, it seems as though the ‘rebuilding’ had less to do with baseball, and more to do with pocketing some money…

   FINAL NOTE: I’m not suggesting that every trade we witnessed this year was a hoax… I think a lot of the trades were fair game. What I am suggesting, (even before I heard it from Forbes,) is that Pittsburgh fans are without a doubt being short-changed.

   I expect some people to disagree, and possibly even speak up in the ownerships defense… The only opinion I’ll share in the matter is that I believe what I’ve stated above to be true. It makes an awful lot of sense when you consider the things the team has done to “improve” that have left you scratching your head…




A. The powerful switch hitter, and catcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Doumit returned from the DL in July after missing nearly 3 months with a wrist injury.


   A. Aside from being one of the last Pirates ‘on deck’ after the recent trades, Doumit is quickly becoming the team’s power-at-bat with the losses of Adam LaRoche and Nate McLouth.


   A. In 2007, Doumit played 83 games with 69 hits, 9 homeruns, and 32 RBI’s. This season – Doumit’s played a mere 44 games, while managing 39 hits, 7 homeruns, and 29 RBI’s. When you factor in the injury he sustained, that’s a considerable jump in homeruns and RBI’s in comparison… (Not to mention, nearly a garenteed hit every game…)


   A. 2008 was arguably Doumit’s finest season to date. In 431 at bats, he made contact an astounding 137 times, (.318 AVG,) –  with an on-base percentage of .357, and a slug-percentage of .501. If these stats don’t impress you, consider the leap he made from the 2007 season when he batted a mediocre .274 with an on-base percentage of .341…


   A. To the naked eye, Doumit’s been a professional baseball player for 5 years and hasn’t even hit 50 career homeruns yet. However, out of the 5 years he’s played in the major leagues – only one season allowed Doumit to make an appearance in 100 games or more. (In 2008, Doumit played in 116 games and had 15 homeruns.) As I stated above – Doumit’s made an appearance in 44 games this season, with 7 homeruns to date. That’s half the amount of homeruns he had last year in 72 less games!

   – *And that’s why you should get to know: Ryan Doumit




   Brett Gardiner’s the rookie of the year? Not if Andrew McCutchen has a say in the matter. In yesterday’s 11-6 win over the Nationals, McCutchen went 4 for 5, with an incredible 3 homeruns and 6 RBI’s… Just wanted to tip my hat –

   Lastings Milledge also made an appearence, and had a nice 2 run double. It’s great to see him finally get the Triple-A call, (where he’s been since the Morgan trade,) – and start contributing to the new Pittsburgh Pirates.


   I forget who said it, but I saw a quote on SportsCenter yesterday that said something along the lines of, “The Pirates are the laughing stock of the league.” (Due to the immense amount of recent trades.) Look – what some consider foolish, the Pirates may consider confidence. Maybe they’re confident enough in thier farm system to part with solid players that they feel they can do without. Take McCutchen for example… When you have a minor-leaguer up your sleeve that kicks off his MLB career with 3 for 5 games, it’s safe to say that you knew what you were doing in releasing an all-star like McClouth. I didn’t like the Morgan trade, but honestly – Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge is a pretty equal swap on both ends of the spectrum. We all know that Morgan’s been doing great for the National’s thus far, but it doesn’t appear as though Milledge plans on not holding up his end of the deal for Pittsburgh…

   Great win yesterday fellas – you earned it.



   I read a small article in the New York Daily News yesterday that confirmed “Yankees brass” have been scouting the Pirates Ian Snell. If you’ve never heard of Snell, here’s a look at the good and the bad over the years:

SEASON       W     L     ERA     K’S
2006            14    11    4.74   169
2009             2      8    5.36     52
Career         33    46    4.75   576

   *To the naked eye, his numbers are shakey… but trust me, the league has yet to see his potential. I personally hope we make it happen. The linger question is, who will we lose!?


   – *LOSE 5-0 TO HOUSTON*

   *When Andrew McCutchen goes 0-4, you know something wild is going down. That ‘something’ yesterday was Wandy Rodriguez, who threw a complete game – allowing only 5 hits. (Sounds like I’m rooting for the Astros, right?)

   Never… but my hat’s off to Wandy for an excellent game. 11 strikeouts leave little room for excuses – he did his thing. I don’t mind giving props where props are due because the Pirates rarely K that often. I’m not dwelling on the loss – (considering the recent trades that’ve left Pittsburgh fans stumped,) because we get the picture at this point. This season became a ‘rebuilding process’  for the Swash-bucklers, (new nickname -) … and it’s something we simply have to deal with.

   That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t smack some sense into the GM if I had the chance. (Time to go bi-polar here…) Rebuilding is fine in the major leagues, especially when certain things aren’t getting done – but why in the world would you trade away your all-star ‘sure things‘ ?? I don’t care if you have a dozen outfielders… You don’t trade McLouth because you have Morgan and McCutchen on the way. YOU TRADE MOSS – and keep your top 3 fielders out there to have that portion of the field on lock! If the Pirates outfield was McCutchen, Morgan, and McLouth right now… hands down, they’d have the best OF in the game right now. It’s beyond the field – all three are amazing hitters…

   And now I’m angry again lol. Why Morgan!? Why!? McLouth was a low-blow, but trading Morgan for Milledge was devastating after Nate’s departure. It’s almost like the Pirates are TRYING to stay mediocre, because everytime they have thier hands on diamonds – they cash ’em in for chips to gamble. (Now that’s a quote. I like that one…)

   Now I’m hearing rumors about Adam LaRoche being traded. Great. Lose the OF that’s an all-star, (McLouth,) – lose the OF that bats .300, (Morgan,) – and lose the FEW power hitters you’ve aquired… (LaRoche AND Hinske.)

   I’m grinding my teeth at this point. The only solution is to become a billionaire, buy the Pirates – and make intelligent decisions.



   I’m outraged. Plain and simple, as a Pirates fan – I’m outraged at the latest transactions the Pirates have made. This is getting ridiculous.


   Aside from trading Erik Hinske to the Yankees for two Class-A players, Pittsburgh went on to trade Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett to the Nationals for Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan. The reasoning behind this is beyond me. Pirate fans out there have every right to be fuming about this latest trade, because Morgan was a proven ‘keeper’ time and time again. Nyjer Morgan was my FAVORITE PLAYER on the Pirates, and with the loss of Nate McLouth a few weeks ago… I’m running out of reasons to believe in their management.

   The McLouth trade was astonishing, but the performances we’ve seen from Andrew McCutchen have Pittsburgh fans thinking that maybe, just maybe – the Pirates organization knew what they were doing.

   But the notion that Nyjer Morgan was a ‘pawn to potentially trade’ is rediculous! CAN THEY NOT SEE that having Morgan, combined with McCutchen in the outfield was one of the best duos in the game right now!!?? (Expect to see a lot more exclamation points here…) Just imagine McCutchen, Morgan, AND McLouth in the field for a minute people. The Pirates constantly excuse their trades with being some part of a ‘building process,’ – but if they had ANY head on their shoulders at all… they’d see that they had the potential to have the most DOMINANT outfielding trio in the game!! It’s beyond just the outfield… all three of these players are superb hitters as well!! I don’t even know what else to say – I’m just absolutely furious at this point. Lastings Milledge is a great player, but Nyjer Morgan was an unknown all-star in my books, and words can’t describe how angry Pittsburgh fans should be.

   I’ll end my ranting and raving like this. IT’S NO WONDER that you can’t buy a Pirates jersey other than Roberto Clemente’s… because everytime you have a favorite player on this team… they’re gone before you know it! (How’s THAT for a quote?)  Morgan was a jersey I had planned to have custom made, and now… I’m afraid to get a last name on the back at all. What’s the point? When McLouth was traded, I made a blog sarcastically recommending  that they trade Freddie Sanchez and Nyjer Morgan while they’re at it. I never thought in a million years it would happen…  It is truley a sad day for Pittsburgh, McCutchen, the fans… even IF Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan do well.



   *The Twins smoked the Pirates last night 8-2. Paul Maholm only managed to go 5 innings before being plucked, allowing 8 earned runs and 14 hits. (Ouch.) On a good note though:

MCCUTCHEN: 2 for 5 (Now batting .333)
MORGAN: 1 for 4, 2 RBI’s
D.YOUNG: 2 for 4
JA.WILSON: 2 for 4

   Tomarrow is Snell’s round – and he’s 1-7 this season thus far. (Can’t seem to catch a break.) Fortunantly, he’s duking it out with Francisco Liriano who’s also a mere 2-7. I would love to say it’s a “pitchers duel,” – but in reality… it’s whoever screws up the least lol. Hopefully Snell can keep it together…