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   – *LOSE 5-0 TO HOUSTON*

   *When Andrew McCutchen goes 0-4, you know something wild is going down. That ‘something’ yesterday was Wandy Rodriguez, who threw a complete game – allowing only 5 hits. (Sounds like I’m rooting for the Astros, right?)

   Never… but my hat’s off to Wandy for an excellent game. 11 strikeouts leave little room for excuses – he did his thing. I don’t mind giving props where props are due because the Pirates rarely K that often. I’m not dwelling on the loss – (considering the recent trades that’ve left Pittsburgh fans stumped,) because we get the picture at this point. This season became a ‘rebuilding process’  for the Swash-bucklers, (new nickname -) … and it’s something we simply have to deal with.

   That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t smack some sense into the GM if I had the chance. (Time to go bi-polar here…) Rebuilding is fine in the major leagues, especially when certain things aren’t getting done – but why in the world would you trade away your all-star ‘sure things‘ ?? I don’t care if you have a dozen outfielders… You don’t trade McLouth because you have Morgan and McCutchen on the way. YOU TRADE MOSS – and keep your top 3 fielders out there to have that portion of the field on lock! If the Pirates outfield was McCutchen, Morgan, and McLouth right now… hands down, they’d have the best OF in the game right now. It’s beyond the field – all three are amazing hitters…

   And now I’m angry again lol. Why Morgan!? Why!? McLouth was a low-blow, but trading Morgan for Milledge was devastating after Nate’s departure. It’s almost like the Pirates are TRYING to stay mediocre, because everytime they have thier hands on diamonds – they cash ’em in for chips to gamble. (Now that’s a quote. I like that one…)

   Now I’m hearing rumors about Adam LaRoche being traded. Great. Lose the OF that’s an all-star, (McLouth,) – lose the OF that bats .300, (Morgan,) – and lose the FEW power hitters you’ve aquired… (LaRoche AND Hinske.)

   I’m grinding my teeth at this point. The only solution is to become a billionaire, buy the Pirates – and make intelligent decisions.