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   Yesterday, I dabbled in the thought of aquiring Ian Snell from the Pirates to fill our 5th spot in the rotation, (now that Wang is out for the remainder of the season.) A few people lashed out, (and based on Snell’s current numbers this season,) suggested that we look elsewhere.


  Now we’ve aquired RHP Jason Hirsh from Colorado. Here’s a look at where he stands:


Record: 6-7 (20 Games)

ERA: 6.66

Hits: 130

Runs: 75 (Earned)


   Consider Eric Hinske for a second here. In 2008, Hinske was batting .247 with 20 homeruns. Not the best player on the market, but obviously not the worst. Despite his numbers being mediocre, New York has been extremely fortunate to aquire what he’s brought to the table – and I honestly thought it was a great example of ‘putting the numbers to the side’ ; allowing Hinske to bring the power we’ve witnessed into the clubhouse. Yankee fans like what they see. Snell wasn’t the best pitcher on the market, but I personally believe he would of been a steal. Another feisty power-ball pitcher to fill the void in our current rotation, (considering Gerardi was bound to utilize all options if Mitre started to slip.)


   Hirsh seems like a great addition – no complaints. I just wanted to point out that sometimes, what you see on paper doesn’t justify the talent somebody has. A 6.66 ERA is nothing to be proud of – but who am I to rule out his abilities in the majors? Hinske caught fire when he was traded, so who’s to say that Hirsh won’t do the same?


   *Can’t wait to see him start. Until tonight’s post – keep it safe…