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   *First, let me start by saying that I’m now 2 for 2 with my predictions. (Take a look at my last two Yankee posts…) – My scores weren’t 100% accurate, but my win/loss guesses were golden. I had a funny feeling that Wang would screw things up as usual, and that’s exactly what we saw. Why should I butter things up for him? Should I pat him on the shoulders for finally making it into the 5th? (Which is expected, and still an awful game…) Should we pat him on the back for lowering his ERA to 12.65? (Also pathetic.)

   – Brain Cashman FINALLY acknowledged recently, that ‘the team can’t keep putting up with his bad starts.’ Thanks Cash! If you pulled the brakes a little sooner, we wouldn’t of just lost an embarrassing game to the worst team in the league! This Washington series was the perfect opportunity to climb back toward first… and thanks to the ‘Wang experiment,’ – we’ve wasted another day.

   – Hughes came in and pitched a solid two innings, allowing one single hit. Don’t be surprised if he’s etched into the starting rotation now… NOT for a month, but for the remainder of the season. I’m calling it – I think the organization’s seen enough. I KNOW the fans have seen enough…

   – The bats weren’t cracking tonight either. Despite Wang’s slip-up, losses are never a one-man occurance. Damon and Cano put up the only runs, and we finished this matchup with a mere 4 hits. Does anyone else find it a little creepy that EVERY game comes down to Alex Rodriguez?


   *I’m trying to go 3 for 3 here. (Since I first started predicting outcomes on my blog… I’ll have to start putting the time so that people don’t think I’m just editing my entries.) Joba’s on the mound, and it’s a must-win considering last night came down to the 9th. (*AND* because the Red Sox keep winning…) With that said, here goes nothing:

MY PREDICTION: (4:09 EST) Yankees 6, Nationals 3