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   Since his first start on the mound, the “Joba debate” has been swirling around the league like a 3rd grade rumor.

   “Should he start?” asks Guy Number 1.

   “No way! He was electric in the pen!” shouts Guy Number 2.

   “But what if he can carry that fire through 9 innings?” asks Guy Number 3.

   “Doesn’t matter! Keep ’em where he got the job done!” snaps Guy Number 4.

   In the end, we can write a 20 minute song about Joba’s current role in the rotation – but Girardi’s decision to let Chamberlain ‘go the distance’ is out of our hands. We can judge the man by every little run he allows – or we can go with our gut and see what he has to offer on a larger scale.


   1. Wang fell off, big time. The debate would be just if Joba was the worst in the rotation, but with Chien-Ming Wang taking half a season to catch fire – we needed Joba to stay put.

   2. He’s honestly not doing that awful. Here’s how he matches up against pitchers that ‘should be superior‘ by fan standards:

CHAMBERLAIN:  (4-2)   4.25 ERA   78 K’s   89 IP

   *All jokes aside, he has 6 decisions in 17 games. I’m not going leave out the gossip that can stir up… but let’s point out the finer things he brings to the table. With 78 strikeouts in 89 IP, he’s nearly whiffing batters once an inning. His 4.25 ERA right now is lower than Tim Wakefield’s, Gil Meche’s, and even Barry Zito’s to name a few.

   Now I know that Tim Wakefield has 11 wins this season, but think about it: if your ERA is high, than what’s the source of the wins at hand? RUN SUPPORT. I won’t go as far as saying that Joba has none, but sometimes we confuse ‘awful starts’ with ‘awful luck.’ I’ve seen the games where he’s been plucked in the 2nd, 3rd, etc… but he’s NOT the first starter to do so.

   – *SO WHAT NOW?*

   Luckily for Joba, we have a void in the rotation with Wang on the DL right now – and it seems as though his spot is sealed for the time being. Quit jumping the gun people. Joba has what it takes to perform as well as anybody – and he’s more trustworthy at the moment than anyone else we can turn to.

   Even if we scoop Halladay, (which I’m dieing to see,) – we still need Chamberlain to complete the 5 man rotation. Everyone’s insisting that ‘Joba to Hughes’ would be the perfect solution… but the perfect solution to what!? We have Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte…

   And then blanks. Are we forgetting that Aceves is amazing in the pen? Are we forgetting that Bruney’s excellent in the pen as well? If we can give Wang 800 chances to get his act together… Why can’t Joba gain his experience when he’s allowing far less runs?

   *That’s all I’m saying.



   *A-Rod steps to the plate in the 9th. The pressure’s on… and in usual baseball fashion, the hit’s a fluke and flies high toward second base. Louis Castillo has all the time in the world to make this catch and end the game. Another save for K-Rod, another win for the Mets… *when suddenly,* – Castillo drops the ball! Two runners score and the Yankees pull off another win by the skin of their teeth! Brian Bruney says:

“Couldn’t have happened to a better guy on the mound, either. He’s got a tired act. … He gets what he deserves,
man. I just don’t like watching the guy pitch. I think it’s

   Believe it. Bold words from Bruney… acknowledging the second best closer in the games’ blown save… (Mariano being THE best of coarse.)

  So what happens next? What happens when the series continues, and these two men meet face to face to discuss their differences?

  “It was cool,” outfielder Ryan Church said. “Frankie walked right up to
him and got right in his face. And the kid didn’t say a thing.”

  Sounds familiar right? You can almost picture yourself being there, because we’ve ALL seen these ‘recess fights’ when were in school lol. The less-popular kid talks smack about the popular kid… (K-Rod.) The popular kid just happens to be crazier… and when he approaches the un-popular kid to see what the deal is: the un-popular kid running his mouth gets shook. I’m not at all a Mets fan, but the reason I just narrated this ‘playground fight’ scene was to prove a point. The Mets are RIGHT on this one Yankee fans… Bruney went too far.

   Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that Bruney went too far because he ran his mouth… There’s nothing wrong with having grudges in this league and stating your business. THE PROBLEM is running your mouth and not handling your business lol… If Bruney opened his mouth while K-Rod was in his face shouting, I garentee we would of seen some fists flying – and if I were a betting man, I’d say K-Rod would win this fight in Round 1. (Picture K-Rod’s punch being similar to his pitching. The guy puts so much into his wind-up that he falls! Imagine what his swing would look like in a fight…) The edge almost always goes to the man with the ‘crazy switch,’ and in this case: it was Rodriguez. Bruney knew it, and that’s why he said absolutely nothing. We saw that these two were ‘bill to bill,’ and Bruney DIDN’T BACK AWAY… but that’s because he knew the feud would get broken up by other teamates. Had he dropped a quip when they were face to face, it would of been on: and K-Rod would of shut his mouth for him.

   Remember: I’m a Yankee fan… I’m just keeping it real. Bruney said some serious stuff – and K-Rod responded for a good reason. He’s the best closer in the NL right now, and he was told that he’s a “tired act.” Combine that comment with a rough loss, and anybody in their right mind would be ticked.

   Never-the-less, it was cool to see some baseball beef. You see a lot of crazy things happen during games, (do I need to mention the Milton Bradley, “2 OUT” fiasco?) – but fights and feuds are scarce. Now we have some subway fire… Hopefully it works to the Yanks advantage!