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   I’m outraged. Plain and simple, as a Pirates fan – I’m outraged at the latest transactions the Pirates have made. This is getting ridiculous.


   Aside from trading Erik Hinske to the Yankees for two Class-A players, Pittsburgh went on to trade Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett to the Nationals for Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan. The reasoning behind this is beyond me. Pirate fans out there have every right to be fuming about this latest trade, because Morgan was a proven ‘keeper’ time and time again. Nyjer Morgan was my FAVORITE PLAYER on the Pirates, and with the loss of Nate McLouth a few weeks ago… I’m running out of reasons to believe in their management.

   The McLouth trade was astonishing, but the performances we’ve seen from Andrew McCutchen have Pittsburgh fans thinking that maybe, just maybe – the Pirates organization knew what they were doing.

   But the notion that Nyjer Morgan was a ‘pawn to potentially trade’ is rediculous! CAN THEY NOT SEE that having Morgan, combined with McCutchen in the outfield was one of the best duos in the game right now!!?? (Expect to see a lot more exclamation points here…) Just imagine McCutchen, Morgan, AND McLouth in the field for a minute people. The Pirates constantly excuse their trades with being some part of a ‘building process,’ – but if they had ANY head on their shoulders at all… they’d see that they had the potential to have the most DOMINANT outfielding trio in the game!! It’s beyond just the outfield… all three of these players are superb hitters as well!! I don’t even know what else to say – I’m just absolutely furious at this point. Lastings Milledge is a great player, but Nyjer Morgan was an unknown all-star in my books, and words can’t describe how angry Pittsburgh fans should be.

   I’ll end my ranting and raving like this. IT’S NO WONDER that you can’t buy a Pirates jersey other than Roberto Clemente’s… because everytime you have a favorite player on this team… they’re gone before you know it! (How’s THAT for a quote?)  Morgan was a jersey I had planned to have custom made, and now… I’m afraid to get a last name on the back at all. What’s the point? When McLouth was traded, I made a blog sarcastically recommending  that they trade Freddie Sanchez and Nyjer Morgan while they’re at it. I never thought in a million years it would happen…  It is truley a sad day for Pittsburgh, McCutchen, the fans… even IF Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan do well.



   *The Twins smoked the Pirates last night 8-2. Paul Maholm only managed to go 5 innings before being plucked, allowing 8 earned runs and 14 hits. (Ouch.) On a good note though:

MCCUTCHEN: 2 for 5 (Now batting .333)
MORGAN: 1 for 4, 2 RBI’s
D.YOUNG: 2 for 4
JA.WILSON: 2 for 4

   Tomarrow is Snell’s round – and he’s 1-7 this season thus far. (Can’t seem to catch a break.) Fortunantly, he’s duking it out with Francisco Liriano who’s also a mere 2-7. I would love to say it’s a “pitchers duel,” – but in reality… it’s whoever screws up the least lol. Hopefully Snell can keep it together…



   *I’ll use todays off-time to acknowledge some prime players of this season… Here’s my own personal list of who baseball fans should be paying attention to – and WHY.


1. RAUL IBANEZ: Had to be number 1 for obvious reasons. The man’s on fire in nearly every statistical catagory right now.

RBI’s: 59
ON BASE: .380

2. ANDREW MCCUTCHEN: For a new guy, McCutchen’s been a dream come true for the Pirates. Although he hasn’t been around the entire season, you can already see the consistancy he’ll continue to bring to the team…

HOMERUNS: 0 (Thus far…)
RBI’s: 7
ON BASE: .377

3. ICHIRO SUZUKI: If you can’t tell by now, I’m not judging these players by who litterally has the best batting averages in the league. (Although for Ichiro, that’s the norm…) – I’m just noting some of the ‘head honchos’ that play amazing time and time again: and Ichiro is no exception. Every single season, this guy finishes with an abnormal amount of hits. Creating this list without Ichiro would be obsurd.

RBI’s: 17
ON BASE: .395

4. DAVID WRIGHT:  No Met fans… Wright isn’t number 4 on my list because I’m a Yankees fan. I honestly just didn’t want my list to be a replica of the MLB.com “league leaders” page, so you knew Wright would be somewhere in the mix regardless. This season, David Wright may very well be the best batter in major league baseball. (It’s a toss-up between him and Ibanez, because as I stated above: Ibanez is the total package.) But that’s not discredit anything that Wright’s done! Look at the man’s numbers:

RBI’s: 36
ON BASE: .459

5. ADAM JONES:  Definently deserves to make this list. Jones is having an absolutely phenominal season, and watching this guy play is pure entertainment. Consistant, a great fielder – I can see Jones on the All-Star ballots for years to come…

RBI’s: 41
ON BASE: .374


1. ZACK GREINKE:  This was an easy one. (An easy NUMBER 1.) I could easily base my pitching list on wins, but I’m shooting for overall production here. (Don’t get me wrong, winning is what it’s all about,) – but Greinke’s constant winning early on, (and low ERA,) were insane. Respect, respect, respect:

ERA: .172

2. ZACH DUKE:  Ok, so maybe Duke on the list is a little biased, (because I’m a Pirates fan lol,) – but he’s definently proving to the world that he’s a force on the mound. He out-pitched Johan Santana… Need I say more?

ERA: 3.10

3. JOHAN SANTANA: (Of coarse.) The recent Yankee loss inflated his ERA… but one bad outing isn’t enough to snuff out what he’s done this year. Definently in the “top 3 pitchers in the league” catagory – The one spot, two spot, three spot is your pick.

ERA: 3.29
COMPLETE GAMES: 0 (Blame Manuel!)

4. JONATHON BROXTON: One of the best pitchers on the Dodgers this year. I don’t really follow Los Angelas – but anytime you ‘get word’ of a pitcher, and are astonished by what you see: It’s time to pay attention. I now tune into Dodger games for the sake of this guy…

ERA: 1.41

5. TIM LINCECUM: Must make the list! Lincecum is bound to be a hall-of-famer, and bound to be a historical pitcher in baseball. His “K-count” is rediculous, and along with Randy Johnson – he’s giving Giants fans hope!

ERA: 2.66
STRIKEOUTS: (*Drumroll*) – 103

*And that’s my list. It isn’t the ‘stat leaders’ of the season… It’s just my own personal list of who I enjoy tuning into. There’s probably 50 players that didn’t make the list I love to watch  – but there’s only so much I can type while expecting to have a life!

**Why my text changed half-way through, I couldn’t tell you.



   I thought the McClouth loss was brutal – but aquiring Andrew McCutchen has us Pirate fans saying, “Nate who?” I didn’t know what to expect when McCutchen stepped to the plate, but I’m definently impressed. He’s honestly the total package, and I’ll even take that a step further to say that: I think he’s BETTER than McClouth. He’s faster, his hitting is excellent – and the speed carries over into the field, as well as stolen bases. Don’t be surprised if he maintains a .300 BA – the future’s looking bright for this OF.


   Sanchez number 2. With the 4th pick in this years draft, the Pirates selected a catcher… My feelings are mixed on this one, considering Snell can’t get it together – and pitching is always a thorn in Pittsburgh’s side. (You beg to differ? Who would call “old faithful” right now on the Pirates? LoL – Ross Ohlendorf?) Don’t get me wrong… Zack Duke, Tom Gorzalanny, Jeff Karstens, and Paul Maholm are the future – all of em’ are aces for sure – but we’re still coming up a little short sometimes. One more solid pitcher would seal the deal in my opinion… because once again – McCutchen was a HUGE SCOOP. That filled the void in the field…

*What the heck were the losses by 1 single run all about verse Atlanta? That was a shame. I’m just glad they tasted revenge before the series ended… I can’t say the same for the Yankees… (See the blog below. It gets depressing.)



*As a baseball fan with respect for the game – I can admit a mistake. My last post regarding the Pittsburgh Pirates acknowledged how stupid trading Nate McLouth was, and how upset I was with their previous “rebuilding strategies.” You had the Jason Bay move… the Damaso Marte/Xavier Nady move to the Yanks… and than this Nate McLouth move to Atlanta for three ‘prospects.’

   – Then along came Andrew McCutchen to hush the media speculation. McCutchen debuted for Pitt the other day, and everything I’ve seen from the new fielder is money. The speed, the steals, the HITS – (see today’s game against the Astros… 3 for 5,) – and NOW I’m thinking we may have another Freddie Sanchez on our hands. Can you imagine? Sanchez, Morgan, Wilson, the LaRoche brothers… and now another big hitter in the line-up everyday? Another fielder to contribute to the Pirate’s already outstanding defense?

I’ve said for a long time now that the Pirates, if nothing else – have the best defensive squad in the ENTIRE majore leagues… (bold statement, right?) – and any SportsCenter “Top 10” hi-lite reel can prove you wrong if you think otherwise. These guys make an incredible play or two every single day – so seeing what McCutchen has done thus far – and what I think he’ll continue to do at bat and in the field – is mind-boggling. My appologies to the Pirates orginization on this one – it looks like the McClouth move wasn’t so foolish after all… (Although trading somebody OTHER than him, like Brandon Moss for example – wouldn’t of stung nearly as badly!)