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   – Similar to the team, I can’t even put into words how thrilled I am that the World Series title has made it’s way back to New York! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but how could I not take the time to post on such an amazing day? The 2009 Yankees have had one of the greatest seasons in sports history, from the numerous walk-off victories, to the chemistry surrounding the club that never faded. Number 27 was what dreams are made of…


   Where do I begin? It’s hard to choose who I’m the happiest for on such an incredible day, but if I had to drop a couple names, it would look something like this:

   Alex Rodriguez: I don’t know if I’ll ever encounter another player quite like Alex Rodriguez for as long as I watch this wonderful game. From his divorce, to his steroid confession, this man is under a microscope that exceeds all other athletes in New York sports, by far. With the world on his back, Alex came through in the clutch time and time again – and I couldn’t be happier to see him aquire his first World Series ring…

   Brett Gardner: Brett Gardner? Absolutely. How can you NOT be happy that such an outstanding rookie obtained a World Series ring his first year in the business? As a New Yorker, I hope to see Gardner on our roster for years to come… His speed and fielding talent contributed to this title as much as anybody else in that dugout…

   The Agents: Free agents that is… Tex, Sabathia, Burnett – You’ve proven to the world that you were worth every penny that this organization invested in you. The debate is over boys!

   Joe Girardi: From a post-season miss to a World Series champion. Girardi was yet another man under constant fire for his bullpen decisions, and his post-season approach. Congratulations Joe, on your extended contract!

   Everybody: Isn’t that the direction that I’m really heading here? How can I possibly leave out Melky, Cano, Cervelli, Jeter, Rivera, Jorge, and the entire squad that brought this title back where it belongs. This year, there never seemed to be an odd-man out: we were a team.

   Matsui: The hero. What other word can we use to describe Matsui’s bat in the World Series this year? This is the epidemy of a humble, smart, and loving teamate – and the MVP trophy couldn’t of been handed to a more deserving baseball player. Congratulations Matsui…

   – *THANK YOU*

   I just want to thank every Yankee supporter out there for being the best fans on the face of the planet. It’s our passion that results in the success our team has had over all these years… Not the money. It’s the passion that has Yankee fans making their way to the stadium no matter what the tickets cost, which in turn has an effect on the entire organization. The free agent signings, the scouting – none of this would be possible on a larger scale without having such passionate fans. The New York Yankees are the greatest baseball team of all time – and we are extremely blessed to have the most devoted followers in all of sports…


   1. The 2009 World Series Champions!

   2. Number 27!

   3. The MLB better prepare for us again next year!

*See you next season! (Check out the tags of THIS blog baby!)