– *WHY SEARCH?*

   Why are Yankee fans so concerned with a vacant left field? Nobody wants to see Damon walk, but from a budget standpoint, it appears our former outfielder will be playing with a different club in the 2010 season. How do I feel about this? It would be disappointing to lose Damon after losing Melky to Atlanta, but we already have a solution! Why are we doubting the abilities of Brett Gardner? It’s rediculous. Gardner may be a “young gun,” but I can highlite quite a few reasons he deserves our confidence:

   + Last year was Gardner’s first full season. The Yankees went on to win the World Series. How can we downplay the impact Gardner had in numerous games?

   + Gardner wrapped up the ’09 season batting .270. This should be the focal point of those who fear his bat is a weakness. Gardner’s on the RISE, not decline. His batting average is increasing.

   + Speed, athleticism… To consider Gardner a ‘pinch runner’ and little more is obsurd.

   – So in conclusion, let’s settle down. Damon may walk, but there’s no need to panic. The Yankees have an extremely talented, YOUNG, capable outfielder riding the bench right now…


  1. Jane Heller

    OK, you talked me into Garner, JQuist! I agree that he’ll be fine in left and batting 9th. There’s no question that he’s the fastest player the Yankees have had in a long time. I’d just like to see him get on base more often. Happy New Year!


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