As we all know, the Yankees have officially parted ways with Hideki Matsui and Melky Cabrera. We’ve aquired Javier Vazquez and Nick Johnson to fill new rolls – but the question remains: Are we happy with these new recruits?


   – Although I wanted Sheets, I’m genuinely happy to have Javier Vazquez back in New York for a second stint. Vazquez put up some excellent numbers last year, and I think he’ll be a superb addition to our pitching staff. Yankee fans can rest at ease knowing that the 5th slot in our rotation is the only question mark remaining…

  – Nick Johnson: I’m not as thrilled. It’s not that I think Johnson is a bum, but let’s be honest – he’s no Matsui. One can argue that Matsui’s knees were more than enough reason to let him slide, but he was our DH! He was worth the occasional out for the power he brings to the table… He had 6 RBI’s in the World Series for heavens sake…

*I look forward to seeing Gardner start in left field this year…

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