– I don’t care if Ben Sheets is returning from an injury… With $20,000,000 left on our payroll, we need to open our eyes! The injury concern is what will allow us to sign Sheets for a bargain. The Yankees should low-ball the situation and offer Sheets a 1 year, $5,000,000 contract. It makes a lot of sense:

  – A one year contract would allow us to see how well Sheets has recovered, without the fear of being stuck with an injury-prone player for an extended period of time.

  – Ben Sheets is a right handed pitcher. We’ve seen the inconsistant games from Burnett, and the number two slot in our rotation should be open for discussion. If we bring Sheets in to the mix, out rotation can morph into something like this:

1. Sabathia (L)
2. Sheets* (R)
3. Pettitte (L)
4. Burnett (R)
5. Chamberlain (R)

   *In my opinion, this rotation is far more promising then the following:

1. Sabathia
2. Burnett
3. Pettitte
4. Chamberlain
5. Gaudin

   – Gaudin in the 5 spot? Chamberlain in the 4? Am I the only Yankee fan who got tired of having question marks in the 4 and 5 slots last year? Our rotation would be dominant if we were so stacked, that a pitcher like AJ Burnett is number 4 on our list…



  1. thefreak

    Burnett #4? really? Do you think ANY team would put a pitcher making $16.5 million in the #4 spot? When you’re #3 is making $11.75 million and your going to offer your proposed #2 $5 million. I’m all for going after Sheets if the mediacl reports look promising. And isn’t Sheets looking for the kind of money he was making in ’07 (around $12 million). Thats a little much for a “risk”.

    And I would put Job back in the pen and put Hughes in as a starter.


  2. JQuist

    *The reason I put AJ in the fourth slot was simple. Sabathia, Sheets, and Pettitte are better pitchers then Burnett… Who’s to say that if Burnett pitched better through the first 6 starts of the season, him and Sheets couldn’t switch roles? Sheets may be “wanting” the $12 million he previously made, but I don’t think the ball’s in his court returning from an injury…


  3. bryanv21

    AJ Burnett has some of the best “stuff” in MLB. Now it is true that he isn’t very consistent, making him less than a #1 starter. But I would definitely not make him the #4 starter.

    Andy Pettitte, on the other hand, does not have the stuff that AJ does. But while AJ can be great one day and turn in a stinker the next, Pettitte is consistently good. That upside from AJ is what makes him better and more deserving of a higher spot in the rotation.

    And although Sheets ceiling may be higher than Burnett’s, the fact he didn’t throw a single pitch in MLB last season makes it so he should not be the #2 above AJ.

    Oh…and Hughes is slotted as the #5 pitcher right now…not Gaudin. Although Phil’s innings limit is around 150, so the team will need somebody like Gaudin to take the ball every once in a while.

    But thanks for the read, and thanks for check out my blog.

  4. raysrenegade

    People sometimes forget that what order your team has their rotation can get you extra wins.
    An AJ Burnett starting against most other AL teams #4 guy will get you a victory.
    Example: Rays would send Jeff Niemann up against him in the #4 slot.
    Sheets is no Pavano, and will be a better fit than a few of the other pitchers being mentioned.
    But you never know during this time of the season.

    Rays Renegade


  5. Jane Heller

    I know AJ has a tendency to be inconsistent, but I still like him in the #2 spot in the rotation. The bigger point is YES, let’s get Sheets already! We’re saving money on Damon and Matsui so let’s get it done! I, too, am sick of the #4-5 spot being a question mark.


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