As I’m sure we’ve all witnessed, Yankee games are a tad more expensive to attend this season…(Yes – sarcasm at it’s finest.) My question is: What’s up with the lame gift-days?

   When I was younger, the gifts you’d get at games were sweet. Some games might toss the first 5,000 fans a hat, and other games might give the first 10,000 fans one of those sweet little souvenir bats. (Real wood!) If the prices for tickets weren’t so steep, I wouldn’t be obnoxious and complain about receiving something for free… but seriously:

A calculator?

Luggage tags!?


   *On second thought, a koozie is a pretty sweet gift to receive in Yankee form… But as for the calculator – c’mon “brass.” I realize that a calculator is something that kids can use, but can’t they see: it’s the equivalent of giving a kid a notepad for christmas lol. Just because they can use it doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy it, or hang it on thier wall. It’s time to step the gift game up for the sake of Yankee Nation:

Inaugural balls for everyone…

Sweet Yankees ankle socks?

Some bling, to cover entrance fees?

A giant banner for my room?

Hal Steinbrenner mask day?

   *Just a thought…


  1. raysrenegade

    Great ideas for giveaways.
    I have noticed by cruising a few teams sites this year that the total numbers and frequency of giveaways is down.
    Can we blame the economy since sponsors might not want to chuck extra money down for another 10,000 items, or do we blame the teams for trying to creat excitement and mob mentality to get to the park and be one of the first 5,000.
    Hopefully in 2010 this weird adventure will end.
    This season, every giveway bobblehead and the autograph days are for kid under 14 only.
    Tends to make adults like me who did not have a team as a young kid here upset at times.
    This is my second childhood lol

    Great post!

    Rays Renegade


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