As Yankee fans this year, we’ve all become extremely familiar with the ‘pie to the face’ celebration and what it signifies. Seeing a ‘pie to the face’ in motion is a big deal… It indicates that a walk-off win has occured, and it puts the final touch on an epic moment in any game that it’s presented…

   My argument is: WE NEED SOMETHING BETTER!

   At this point, a lot of teams follow the same ‘walk-off code’ and celebrate their victories with the same exact celebration. The Yankees have been playing tremendously this year, and as snub as it sounds: we deserve our own unique celebration! We have more walk-off wins then any other team – so why the heck are we celebrating in the exact same fashion? It’s lame, and we need to muster up something even bigger.








4. The Can-Can


5. The Macarena


6. The YMCA


   – *TOP PICKS?*

   Out of the 6 selections above, I think ‘the toss’ would be the most approriate for the situation. Aside from the risk of injury lol, it seems like an excellent way to celebrate a big hit from a single player. It’s flashy, new – and would make for great SportsCenter highlites.



  1. southernbelle

    J.Quist: Personally, I like the macarena. But there is nothing like the suspense of knowing that A.J. is waiting, stealthily waiting for the right moment to sneak up behind you and SQUISH! Hit you in the face with a pie. I love it. Did the A.J. make up that pie thing? Because it is annoying that the other teams are copying him.
    I can’t wait for you to get your Facebook. And I can’t wait to see your music business. I also would love to go to a game with you. I wonder what my Daddy would say if he knew what I just said…….he would probably want to meet you…..he’s a bit overprotective. I appreciate it, but enough already! It took him SO long to finally let me get a Facebook. My Mom is the one who let me get one, but she insisted that it be private, which is fine.
    I hope you are not in too much pain. I hate it when guys are in pain because they make such an effort to not show how much it hurts, even when they are on the verge of tears. It must have to do with egos. 🙂
    Haha. I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂 -Virginia

  2. raysfanboy

    I love that we have a guy on the team (Dioner Navarro) who is the pie guy. But he does it for everything. If we win and a guy is getting interviewed, he gets pied. It is not just for walkoffs. So it kind of loses its significance. I’d like it reserved more for walkoffs and such. Either way, though, it is pretty frickin’ funny!

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