Brett Gardiner’s the rookie of the year? Not if Andrew McCutchen has a say in the matter. In yesterday’s 11-6 win over the Nationals, McCutchen went 4 for 5, with an incredible 3 homeruns and 6 RBI’s… Just wanted to tip my hat –

   Lastings Milledge also made an appearence, and had a nice 2 run double. It’s great to see him finally get the Triple-A call, (where he’s been since the Morgan trade,) – and start contributing to the new Pittsburgh Pirates.


   I forget who said it, but I saw a quote on SportsCenter yesterday that said something along the lines of, “The Pirates are the laughing stock of the league.” (Due to the immense amount of recent trades.) Look – what some consider foolish, the Pirates may consider confidence. Maybe they’re confident enough in thier farm system to part with solid players that they feel they can do without. Take McCutchen for example… When you have a minor-leaguer up your sleeve that kicks off his MLB career with 3 for 5 games, it’s safe to say that you knew what you were doing in releasing an all-star like McClouth. I didn’t like the Morgan trade, but honestly – Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge is a pretty equal swap on both ends of the spectrum. We all know that Morgan’s been doing great for the National’s thus far, but it doesn’t appear as though Milledge plans on not holding up his end of the deal for Pittsburgh…

   Great win yesterday fellas – you earned it.


  1. southernbelle

    J.Quist: I guess the Pirates have A LOT of faith in their farm system to trade all those great players away. I heard somewhere that the Pirates are being called, “Baseball’s Farm Team” or something like that. It is true. I would love to see the Pirates have a good year with all the young players. They remind me of the Rays before they were good. They are the youngest team in the Bigs. Maybe they will come out of nowhere next year and surprise us all like the Rays did. The Yankees sure stank last night. I’m worried and angry toward them. It’s not looking too good. -Virginia

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