I read a small article in the New York Daily News yesterday that confirmed “Yankees brass” have been scouting the Pirates Ian Snell. If you’ve never heard of Snell, here’s a look at the good and the bad over the years:

SEASON       W     L     ERA     K’S
2006            14    11    4.74   169
2009             2      8    5.36     52
Career         33    46    4.75   576

   *To the naked eye, his numbers are shakey… but trust me, the league has yet to see his potential. I personally hope we make it happen. The linger question is, who will we lose!?


  1. Jane Heller

    Why do you think the numbers don’t tell the story of Snell? I’d love to know more about him, because right now he doesn’t look like such a steal to me. I hope Cashman can do better. We had a two-time 19-game winner in Wang, so he’ll be tough to replace.


  2. southernbelle

    J.Quist: I’m not sure of this guy, but since you follow the Pirates, I trust your judgment. I have a question for you: Isn’t it hard to be a Pirates fan because they constantly trade all their good players away? I heard that the Yankees may go after Bronson Arroyo. I don’t think that will help much. And I thought I should tell you: All the titles of your articles are really clever. You are going to be famous one day! Keep working on the blog!I love it! -from Virginia

  3. JQuist

    @ JaneHeller: It’s not that I don’t think Snell’s number tell his story, but that I personally think Snell would of been a STEAL for that exact reason. He isn’t the greatest pitcher on the market, (by any means,) – but that’s just it: we would of coughed up next to nothing for a 5th starter who can heave in the high 90’s. I have to believe he’d be a better solution than Mitre, even if his numbers aren’t doing him justice…

    @ Southernbelle: Yes, it’s extremely difficult to be a Pirates fan at this moment and time. McClouth went to the Braves, Morgan went to the Nationals, and now – Wilson/Snell have ended up on the Mariners roster. The Pirates can’t exactly spend what the Yankees do, (nor can anyone else lol,) – so it’s definently hard to follow a team with so many variables.

  4. mattpeas

    I agree with yu man. snell is still young and an excellent pitcher. i felt bad for him this year. he got really down on himself but he tore it up down in the minors. he has a long track record of minor league success and i know he will blossom into a solid pitcher.


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