*2.5 GAMES AHEAD* – 7/27


   A.J. Burnett (9-4) vs. James Shields (6-6)


   The Yankees have been scorching hot lately, and with Burnett on the mound tomarrow – there seems to be no end in sight. Pitcher for pitcher, batter for batter, New York’s been playing some of the best baseball in the league since the All-Star break. Here’s a look at why:

   A. Excellent Pitching
   Outside of the loss on Saturday, our rotation’s been as good as the world predicted it could be. Pettitte, Chamberlain – even the shakey starters have been going deep and allowing practically nothing. The biggest surprise in my opinion has been Joba. In his last two starts, he’s made it beyond the 6th inning – looking every bit as dominant as A.J. or CC.

   B. Excellent At-Bats

   The hitting’s been huge for the Yanks, and it finally seems as though our huge investments are paying off. We already knew Teixeira was coming around, but like a lot of teams – you don’t want to rely on one or two players scoring your runs everyday. With Posada hitting homeruns, Hinske hitting homeruns, and even Jeter going yard – we’re really coming through when we need it the most.

   C. The Red Sox Losing!

   I can’t lie – the winning wouldn’t be nearly as sweet if the Sox weren’t slumping right now. If things were neck-and-neck this entire time, the wins would be downplayed by the need for sole possession of first.


  1. southernbelle

    JQuist: I read your blog for the first time today, and I thought it was written very well. It is very organized. I read your “about you,” and I can tell that you enjoy what you are doing. I am also a huge Yankee fan and am a 16 year old girl. I have a Yankee blog, and like you I want to be a part of some blog nation. If you get the chance, you should check out my blog. I know you must be busy, covering many teams, but it would make me happy if you could look at it. Thank you.

  2. raysfanboy

    Wow, that one got ugly quick. This is just what scared me about tonight’s game: losing big to the 1st place team in the division. I know it is 1 loss, but it can resonate for both teams. Now the Rays sit at 7 1/2 out, not looking good. That is all erased if we can take the final 2 of the series but this is a nightmare start to a big 3 game tilt.

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