– *LOSE 5-0 TO HOUSTON*

   *When Andrew McCutchen goes 0-4, you know something wild is going down. That ‘something’ yesterday was Wandy Rodriguez, who threw a complete game – allowing only 5 hits. (Sounds like I’m rooting for the Astros, right?)

   Never… but my hat’s off to Wandy for an excellent game. 11 strikeouts leave little room for excuses – he did his thing. I don’t mind giving props where props are due because the Pirates rarely K that often. I’m not dwelling on the loss – (considering the recent trades that’ve left Pittsburgh fans stumped,) because we get the picture at this point. This season became a ‘rebuilding process’  for the Swash-bucklers, (new nickname -) … and it’s something we simply have to deal with.

   That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t smack some sense into the GM if I had the chance. (Time to go bi-polar here…) Rebuilding is fine in the major leagues, especially when certain things aren’t getting done – but why in the world would you trade away your all-star ‘sure things‘ ?? I don’t care if you have a dozen outfielders… You don’t trade McLouth because you have Morgan and McCutchen on the way. YOU TRADE MOSS – and keep your top 3 fielders out there to have that portion of the field on lock! If the Pirates outfield was McCutchen, Morgan, and McLouth right now… hands down, they’d have the best OF in the game right now. It’s beyond the field – all three are amazing hitters…

   And now I’m angry again lol. Why Morgan!? Why!? McLouth was a low-blow, but trading Morgan for Milledge was devastating after Nate’s departure. It’s almost like the Pirates are TRYING to stay mediocre, because everytime they have thier hands on diamonds – they cash ’em in for chips to gamble. (Now that’s a quote. I like that one…)

   Now I’m hearing rumors about Adam LaRoche being traded. Great. Lose the OF that’s an all-star, (McLouth,) – lose the OF that bats .300, (Morgan,) – and lose the FEW power hitters you’ve aquired… (LaRoche AND Hinske.)

   I’m grinding my teeth at this point. The only solution is to become a billionaire, buy the Pirates – and make intelligent decisions.


  1. jonnnnnn

    No, no, no, and no.

    Nate McLouth is not as good as everyone thinks. He’s a lifetime .260 hitter who was NEVER consistent til the first half of last year. He played 3 years and almost 300 games before that and was never a good player. He had a pretty weak second half of last year as well and hasn’t been playing that great this year. The Pirates made a good move by selling him high and getting some nice prospects for him. Charlie Morton looks like he could be an ace some day.

    As for Morgan, this trade was even better than the McLouth trade. Nyjer is turning 29 in a few days. He had been up and down with the club since 2007 and was never a very effective player. He’s always been a streaky hitter (although his lifetime avg. is at .288) and has never really helped the club until this year. His defense is irreplaceable, but at 29 years old, he just wasn’t a safe bet to be apart of the future for the Pirates. Lastings Milledge could turn into a great player. He has twice the tools and upside that Nyjer ever had.

    Both of these trades put the Pirates in a much better position to make a playoff run in the near future than we have been in in a long time.


  2. JQuist

    *You can claim that the recent trades were “equal,” – but you can’t deny the effect it can have on the clubhouse. Analysts have said it, Freddie Sanchez said it – and I’ve said it – the word ‘TEAM’ isn’t a synonym for ‘revolving door.’ We’ll see how much you love these trades when your favorite player gets traded next bud… Are you in love with the TEAM, or are you in love with the logo? At this point, Sanchez, LaRoche, and a handful of the starting rotation are the core. Now they’re speculating that LaRoche may go…

  3. mattpeas

    i cant say i fully agree with either one of you here. i do believe SOME of the trades were necessary i just dont agree with what we got in return. yeah their prospects and we get a handful of them but the way their track record states, they may not pan out. im a big beleiever in the TEAM aspect as well. plus the fans deserve a TEAM, not just a random smattering of unproven prospects shaped up into some kind of club. its just not fair. i am willing to go halfsies with you on the purchase of the pirates, let sstart saving now


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