*Things just keep getting better and better for the Yankees…

   Two losses to the Nationals, two losses to the Marlins – and just like that, we’re four games behind first. It’s funny what a couple weeks can change, right? Shaving-cream pies to the face… walk-off wins in the 9th… clutch hitting…

   And now it’s back to playing catch-up. It’s discouraging – and things aren’t looking any brighter with Wang miraculously starting again tomarrow. What the heck is Girardi thinking? How many times do we have to see Wang lose before we decide to leave him in the pen for good this season? He’s now 0-5 with a 12.30 ERA – going head to head with a team that just added Nate McLouth to their recipe. This is insane lol.
   CC left yesterdays game with ‘stiffness in his arm.’ Fantastic. The Red Sex won yesterday. Fantastic. The Blue Jays are 1 game behind us for second. Fantastic. It’s time to start winning in clusters again fellas, because things aren’t getting any easier this week.


MY PREDICTION: (7:05am EST) Yankees 3, Braves 5

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